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Until there’s better days!

We carry ourselves through life.

Through all the heartache

Through all the pain

Through all the setbacks and obstacles that get in the way.

We get ourselves through dark places and painful experiences.

We carry ourselves through the times we feel broken

Through the times we feel lost

Through the times we feel weak and unable to speak

We carry ourselves through the tough, the raw, the ugly, the days that we can’t see through the clouds, through the storms, through the worry, through the dark.

There are so many days we suffer alone, without speaking a word of it, without anyone ever knowing what we truly have weighing so heavy on our hearts, so heavy in our minds. Our worries, our pain, our heartache, our trauma. Most don't see it because we carry it well! We do it so much that it becomes a part of who we are and what we do.

We carry ourselves through and we’ll continue to until we see brighter days, happier times, easier moments and days when we will feel completely alive again.

Better days are coming!

The days when we will be able to rest our heads again.

Rest our minds

Rest our hearts

We will carry ourselves to better days

We just need time to get there.

Moments to build ourselves back up,

Moments to truly see the beauty of life through the struggle and the pain

Moments that will give us hope for better days

We will carry ourselves to peace once again.

We will carry ourselves through and through just like we always do.

That’s when we will lay down the weight we carry and rest for a while in the small moments that bring us joy.

There are better days ahead!

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